Organizing Your Fundraiser

Fundraising Tips: To further help you along the way, here are some fundraising hints for getting volunteers, motivating your group, and involving parents:   Getting Volunteers Always be clear about what you’re asking them to do, and they’ll be more willing to help you out. A great hint is to divide the work up into smaller tasks, and have volunteers sign on for one or two specific tasks of their choosing. Remember to thank them, and do your best to convey your appreciation. That’s the best way to keep your volunteers on board for future campaigns. Be the example to volunteers and keep them motivated by being present and available throughout the campaign. However hard your volunteers are working, you should be working harder to support them and keep them organized. Motivating Members Use prizes and small rewards as incentives to keep members motivated. You can use cost-free rewards like lunch with the teacher or a homework-free weekend, or have prizes donated by a local business in exchange for advertising as your official sponsor. Be a positive example by maintaining a good attitude, and being excited about the campaign. Use positive words of encouragement, and acknowledge even the smallest efforts. This is the best way to make group members feel appreciated and encourage them to do even more. Create friendly fundraising competition among group members with daily or weekly tallies of everyone’s accomplishments. Getting Parents Involved Make sure parents are well informed of the fundraiser. Notices and letters don’t always make it home, so send emails, send letters by mail, make phone calls and inform parents face-to-face when they arrive to pick up and drop off children. Always keep it friendly. Don’t try to “push” parents into participating. Remind parents that successful fundraising keeps their costs down, and allows your organization to continue to provide fun and enriching experiences for children. For more fundraising hints, tips and tricks, call your fundraising consultant, or check out our Resource center. It’s filled with hints, tips, ideas, news and advice to help you succeed in fundraising.   This data was provided with the assistance of   For more information please contact us at
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