Collection: Military

Our Military collection offers a range of commemorative items and displays that honor the dedication and achievements of service members. Flag framing is a popular option, allowing individuals to preserve and showcase their cherished flags in a professional and elegant manner. This process involves carefully mounting the flag within a frame, ensuring its preservation while highlighting its significance.

Patches hold great significance in military culture, symbolizing unit affiliation, rank, and accomplishments. Military services provide options for custom patch design and production, allowing service members to proudly display their achievements and affiliations on uniforms, jackets, or other personal items.

Shadow boxes are another meaningful way to preserve and display military memorabilia. These boxes are designed to hold and showcase various items such as medals, ribbons, badges, and other personal mementos. They provide a visually appealing and organized way to honor and remember the service member's contributions and experiences.

Guidons, or military flags, hold a special place in military traditions. They represent the identity and history of a unit, often displaying distinctive colors, symbols, and mottos. Military services offer custom guidon design and production, ensuring that units can proudly display their unique identity during ceremonies, parades, and other official events.

Overall, military services provide a range of options for flag framing, patches, shadow boxes, and guidons, allowing service members to preserve and showcase their accomplishments, affiliations, and memories in a dignified and meaningful manner.