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Christmas Card Collection

Christmas Card Collection

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Introducing our exquisite Christmas card collection! Each box contains beautifully designed cards that are sure to captivate your loved ones.

These 5" x 7" cards are embossed and foil-stamped, giving them an elegant and luxurious touch. With one card per box, you can make each recipient feel truly special. The cards come with foil-lined envelopes and a gold sealing sticker, adding a touch of sophistication to your greetings.

Let's start with the C981 Praise Dancers Christmas Card. This card features a heartfelt message that reads, "We sing praises to your name, the One who was, and is, and is to come. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" The accompanying scripture from Luke 2:14 reminds us of the glory of God and the peace and goodwill He brings to Earth.

Next up is the Wise Men Christmas Card. This card carries a powerful message, saying, "Praying that His presence illuminates your heart & home as we celebrate the most precious gift of all. Merry Christmas!" The scripture from Luke 1:79 emphasizes the light that Jesus brings to those in darkness, guiding us towards peace.

Our Rejoice Card is a true celebration of the Christmas season. It wishes for the love and melody of His Spirit to envelop you now and forever. The message reads, "May the love & melody of His Spirit brood over you this Christmas season & forever more. Merry Christmas!" The scripture from Psalm 97:12 encourages us to rejoice in the Lord and give thanks for His holiness.

Last but not least, we have the Total Praise Card. This card invites you to celebrate Him, our Savior, our King! It reminds us of the angels' song and the precious gift that God has bestowed upon us. The message says, "Celebrate Him, our Savior, our King! Rejoice in the One of whom the angels sing. God's most precious Gift come down from above. Wishing you and yours a Christmas season filled with love! Merry Christmas!"

With our Christmas card collection, you can share the joy and love of the holiday season with your friends and family. Each card is thoughtfully crafted to convey your warmest wishes and remind everyone of the true meaning of Christmas.

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